Company Profile


SB-KAWASUMI LABORATORIES, INC. was founded in October 2021, through a merger between the medical equipment business of Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd. and KAWASUMI LABORATORIES, INC.
In addition to gastrointestinal endoscopic treatment products and endovascular intervention devices, we at SB-KAWASUMI LABORATORIES, INC. are engaged in the global business by handling products relating to surgical drainage, dialysis, blood sampling and transfusion, and the like.
Our manufacturing sites based in Japan and overseas countries boast of the integrated system of production from raw materials to finished products and offer quality products globally under a quality management system which meets each country’s strict pharmaceuticals and medical device standards.
We are resolved to provide reassurance and joy to all people who desire to live a healthy life by responding to the changing medical needs and diligently engaging in research, development and manufacturing of medical devices that will alleviate physical burdens on patients. We will continuously contribute to the improvement of Quality of Life (QOL) by promising the development and safety of sophisticated medical devices like no other and supplying reliable products to support the minimum invasive treatment.

Company Data


Established October 1, 2021
Representative Takashi Kobayashi, Representative Director, Chairperson of the Board & CEO
Takeshi Saino, Representative Director, President & COO
Paid-in capital 310 Million YEN
Number of employees Total 2,460 ,  Only Japan 702  (As of 31 March 2024)
Main businesses Manufacturing and sales of medical devices and pharmaceuticals
Shareholders Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd. 100%
Directors Representative Director, Chairperson of the Board & CEO
Takashi Kobayashi
Representative Director, President & COO
Takeshi Saino
Executive Vice President
Yoichi Sakata
External Director
Akiko Okubo
Managing Director Akinori Kanaoka
Director Hiroyuki Miyajima
Corporate Auditor Shigeharu Ochiai