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Apheresis is a method to separate a specific disease-causing component from blood by means of extracorporeal circulation. There are various methods to remove pathogenic factors, such as filtration, dialysis, and adsorption. Depending on physiochemical characteristics of a substance to be removed, an appropriate filter or adsorber with appropriate materials should be selected. A method has been established to selectively separate high-molecular substances, medium-molecular substance, etc. further from separated plasma without conducting plasma replacement.

SB-KAWASUMI, leveraging its accumulated extracorporeal circulation technologies, has globally provided plasma separators, plasma fractionators, and other apheresis-related products.

In order to provide more people with safe and secure apheresis therapy, SB-KAWASUMI will explore more effective treatment procedures and potential indications through joint research activities with various companies and institutes in the world.


Which product is suitable for your target substances to be removed by Plasmapheresis ?

Target Substances

Plasma Fractionator Evaflux™

"For Double Filtration Plasmapheresis (DFPP)
targeting on high molecular weight plasma components"


  • Selective depletion of plasma components based on their molecular size
  • Reduced or no requirement for substitution fluid
  • Wide range of applications

Indications (Example):

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Plasma Separator Evacure™ / Evaclio™

*There are two trade names for the same plasma separator : Evacure™ and Evaclio™. Either name is used depends on the country.

“For High-volume Selective Plasma Exchange”


  • SSmaller loss of high-molecular-weight substances
  • Plasma substitute fluid saving
  • 2 types of membrane with different permeability are available depends on the target substances

Indications (Example):

  • Hepatic Failure
  • Sepsis

Selective Plasma Exchange with EvaclioTM EC-4C

Evaclio is a membrane separator with smaller pore size than conventional plasma separators. It allows small and medium molecular weight proteins to be removed, while retaining large molecular weight proteins.

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Plasma Separator Plasmacure™PE

“Stable filtration property for plasma separation”


  • Ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer, a hydrophilic material, is coated on the surface of polyethylene hollow fibers
  • Gamma ray sterilized / ETO free
  • Filtration property is stable due to less TMP increase

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