Testing Apparatus

Business outline

The medical device business of Sumitomo Bakelite Co.,Ltd., a predecessor of SB-KAWASUMI, gained the approval under Pharmaceutical Affairs Act for its kit to collect urine and trachea secretion for testing in 1983. This kit has become a long-time seller as it is still available in the market.

Testing is the important basis for healthcare as it is critical not only to assess health state of patients but also to lead to improvement of their daily life.

SB-KAWASUMI will keep offering the medical devices for testing with high quality and ease of use to support testing.


Endotracheal Suction Kit

Centrifuge tube with connecting tube


  • Centrifuge tube is directly attached to the connecting tube
  • Connecting tube can be directly connected to the fiberscope.


  • To aseptivally collect and test the secretory fluid from bronchi, trachea, oral cavity.

sumius U-Container

Precise Urine Measurement Device


  • An instrument for the precise proportional sampling collection of 1/50 of dairy(24 hours) amount of urination. Portable, space-saving, clean and hygienic handling is needed remarkable.


  • For diagnostic and dietary instructions for hypertension.
  • For diagnostics and judgments of effect of remedies for diabetes, kidney and diseases of endocrine organs, etc.