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Recently, the interventional radiology has been widely adopted. This treatment method allows physicians to provide medical treatment by using small-diameter medical devices such as catheter while looking at inside of patient body with a diagnostic imaging system.

The endovascular repair (catheterization), which does not require open chest surgery or open abdominal surgery, can mitigate physical burdens of patients and reduce length of hospital stay. Demand for such treatment with excellent healthcare economic efficiency is expected to increase not only in advanced countries which have increasing aging populations but also in emerging countries which strive to improve their medical standards.


Catheterization is a treatment method to insert catheter, a small-diameter flexible tube, to blood vessel to reach a site of disease to provide treatment. It is applied to various diseases such as angiostenosis, cancers, and aneurysms.

Endovascular Repair with Stent Graft

Aortic aneurysm is a bulge formed as diameter of aorta in the chest or abdomen increases. Aortic aneurysms can burst and cause massive bleeding, which leads to very high mortality.

There are two ways to treat aortic aneurysms: 1) synthetic graft replacement: perform open chest or abdomen surgery to replace affected area with synthetic graft, and 2) endovascular repair with stent graft: insert a catheter into blood vessel to place synthetic graft at affected section of aorta.

SB-KAWASUMI has delivered unique steerable microcatheters and stent grafts globally and is determined to provide patient-friendly medical devices for endovascular repair.

Najuta Case and Interview: Prof. N. Mangialardi (Rome)

Najuta Thoracic Stent Graft System

Select and apply a specification which has the best approximation

Najuta CMD Thoracic Stent Graft System

Najuta CMD Thoracic Stent Graft System:
【Custom-made device】

any device specifically made in accordance with a written prescription of any person

Najuta CMD Thoracic Stent Graft System:
【Kundenspezifisches Gerät】

Jedes Gerät wurde speziell entsprechend der schriftlichen Verordnung für eine Person angefertigt Endovaskuläre Reparatur mit einem ‚kundenspezifischen Gerät’

Sistema stent-graft toracico Najuta CMD:
【Dispositivo personalizzato】

Qualsiasi dispositivo specificamente prodotto in conformità con una prescrizione scritta di una persona ‘Dispositivo personalizzato’ per riparazione endovascolare

Najuta CMD Thoracaal Stentgraftsysteem:
【Op maat gemaakt apparaat】

Elk apparaat dat specifiek is gemaakt volgens een schriftelijk voorschrift van een persoon ‘Op maat gemaakt apparaat’ voor endovasculaire reparatie

systemu stentgraftu klatki piersiowej Najuta CMD:【Urządzenie na zamówienie】

Wszelkie urządzenia specjalnie wykonane zgodnie z pisemną receptą dla każdej osoby „Urządzenie na zamówienie” do zabiegów wewnątrznaczyniowych

Najuta CMD Thoracic Stent Graft System:
【Dispositivo personalizado】

Cualquier dispositivo fabricado específicamente de acuerdo con una prescripción escrita de cualquier persona